Basic Editing

Get hands on with LumaFusion as you edit alongside your instructor in real time. Learn the language of editing as you explore the various windows, tools, and functionality of a mobile editing App. You’ll gain confidence in navigating LumaFusion while putting together your first video and learning basic editing concepts. Discover your own unique approach to storytelling!

Your instructor will give you practical tips and tricks to edit together a variety of video types; such as news, educational, product, artistic, FMVs, montages, and more. This course is a jumping off point towards any type of video content you’re passionate about creating. Develop a strong foundation as an editor with LumaFusion and you’ll be confident in exploring more advanced projects in the future.

There’s no better way to learn video editing than to get stuck in and start working – immerse yourself in our editing focused workshop and start telling the video stories you want to tell.

  • Navigating LumaFusion and learning the basic tools
  • Building a project using your own or collected media
  • Creating a video sequence, the building blocks of a video
  • Learn the language of editing, such as trimming, splitting, tracks, insert, etc.
  • Adding transitions
  • Creating text and titles
  • Working with multiple tracks on the timeline
  • Understanding timeline behaviors (insert/overwrite) + advanced magnetic timeline
  • Using audio to enhance your video
  • Learn tips and tricks to combine narration with video seamlessly
  • Discover how to export and share your finished video

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