Part 2

Are you ready to create your family history video?

In Part 1, you scanned your photos, retouched your images, safely stored your originals (maybe they are even stored in a better place than before!), and hopefully while you were at it, you found some interesting stories about your family. Now you are prepared to create your family history video.

It’s time to edit! Hurrah! There are a lot of different ways to go about it, and many video editing systems to choose from. I’ve been an editor for over 25 years (since the era of tape-to-tape), and I can say one thing for sure; the best editing system is the one that makes editing easy and fun. Because when editing is fun, you’re going to spend more time doing it. And the more time you spend editing, the better you will become at creating a moving story that flows easily and keeps your viewers’ attention on your movie, instead of on the popcorn.

All the transitions you will ever need for a great family history movie are cuts, fades, dissolves. The success of your movie will hinge on the strength of the story, the quality of the audio and images, and your faultless timing. Imagine that your cuts are the many small steps that make up a wonderful dance, and you will find the rhythm that makes your story flow.

In this part we cover editing your photos using Pinnacle Studio for iPad. Here we show examples of voice overs, pan and zoom, adding music, adding titles and sharing your movie.


Terri Morgan

Co-Founder, Luma Touch


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