Spry Engine


The Spry Engine enables development of powerful video editing, compositing and effects apps for iOS and OSX


Spry is a powerful framework for developing video apps on iOS and OSX.  Spry incorporates decades of expertise, enabling easy creation of powerful editing, compositing and video effects apps.  Spry includes a full object model, powerful compositing runtime with multiple effects per clip, and a large complement of fully customizable UI components for building audio-video applications.  Luma Touch plans a range of products based on Spry, and Spry is available for licensing by 3rd party developers.  Email us at spry@luma-touch.com if you would like more information about the Spry Engine.

Key Features


Fast Simple Object Model

Spry’s object model provides a simple interface for easily managing video, photo and audio assets, and building projects with any number of tracks, clips (including transitions), and multiple effects on each clip.  High level editing commands and integrated undo/redo make it easy to create powerful video applications with much less code.


UI Components

Spry provides a wide range of UI components specifically designed for creating video applications.  Included are a basic control, a full storyboard/timeline, trimmers, keyframing, drag-and-drop handling, attribute and setting control panels, and import and export controls. All can be fully styled to match your look-and-feel using a simple property list with styling values, and your own custom imagery.

Cloud Connected

Spry includes WebEngine, which provides easy access to cloud storage providers and social media platforms for easily importing and exporting media.  With a single call you can support multiple file import from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Skydrive and more.


Customizable Compositing Runtime

The Spry Runtime translates the object model into an AVFoundation-compatible representation.  Spry’s unique custom compositor allows for multiple, fully-controllable/keyframeable effects per clip, and allows for custom animated content provided by simple callbacks to your custom code. Spry handles all the differences between playback and export so you don’t have to.


Interactive Editing

Spry provides a unique Interactive Editing view that rebuilds the current project’s composition as a series of views that can be moved, rotated, scaled, text can be edited inline, and effects can be adjusted live, without requiring a rebuild of the runtime for every change.  The switch between runtime and interactive editing view is transparent to the user.

Flexible Licensing

Luma Touch provides both one-time licenses and royalty-based licenses, making it easy for you to use in your apps regardless of your budget.

If you’re interested in licensing Spry, please contact us at spry@luma-touch.com