Our Story

Luma Touch was founded in early 2013 by Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan with the mission to create professional level video applications for mobile that would utilize the experience they each had in the world of video software design and development. 

Chris has created and integrated numerous technologies and products for 3D motion graphics, GPU video processing, and digital-rights-management. He had previously co-founded Hollywood FX in Utah 1993, a 3D video motion graphics product. He sold Hollywood FX to Pinnacle Systems in 1999 and began working for Pinnacle Systems which was eventually purchased by Avid. Among other projects at Avid, he was the lead developer for Avid Studio for iPad.

Terri started video editing in Seattle in 1988 for a Seattle post production facility and over the years provided testing, product management and design for some of the most innovative companies in non-linear development such as Lightworks, Fast Multi-Media, Pinnacle Systems and Avid.  Terri’s roll at Avid was Product Manager and Principle Designer for Avid Studio and Avid Studio for iPad (which became Pinnacle Studio for iOS). It was while developing Avid Studio for iPad that Chris and Terri came to appreciate their potential as a design/development team. 

Developing a world class mobile editor takes dedication to quality, and that’s exactly what Androu Morgan brought to the table during the 3 years it took to develop LumaFusion and he continues to do that today. Androu began his career in London as an offline editor and soon was working at Lightworks as a technical support specialist. He has deep experience with many non-linear editing systems in the past 30 years including Avid Media Composer, Newscutter, FAST Systems 601, Pinnacle Liquid, Premiere Pro and FCPX.

Today the LumaTouch team has 14 full time members and our mission continues to be to develop and support world class video applications for mobile professionals.

We invite you to meet our team.


Our Team

Terri Morgan

Terri Morgan

Co-Founder, Product Design

Terri has been a professional in the video industry for over 30 years, working as product manager, designer and subject matter expert for companies such as Lightworks, Tektronix, Fast Multimedia, Pinnacle Systems and Avid.

Video editing has been her life-long passion and she brings that passion to Luma Touch.

Prior to co-founding Luma Touch she was Senior Principal Product Designer and Product Manager at Avid creating Pinnacle Studio for PC and Pinnacle Studio for iOS.

Terri received her BA in Visual Communications from the Evergreen State College, and her Professional Certificate in Human Centered Design and Engineering from University of Washington.

Chris Demiris

Chris Demiris

Co-Founder, Engineering

Chris has over 30 years of software engineering and leadership experience, specializing in video and GPU video processing technologies.

He co-founded Hollywood FX in 1993, delivered an award-winning line of 3D video motion graphic products, and helped engineer the sale of Hollywood FX to Pinnacle Systems in 1999. As part of the Pinnacle Studio team at Pinnacle, Avid and then Corel, he created and integrated numerous technologies and products for 3D motion graphics, GPU video processing, digital-rights-management, and much more.
He led the development and release of the highly-successful Pinnacle Studio for iPad (previously Avid Studio).

Chris received his BS in Computer Science at Westminster College.

Androu Morgan

Androu Morgan

Director of Quality Assurance

Androu leads quality assurance testing, provides technical support, and consults on editing feature design.

Androu has been a video editor for the best part of 30 years. He began his career in London as an offline editor for One Zero Nine Productions working on a variety of programs. With the advent of non-linear editing he found a position with Lightworks as a technical support specialist.
He has had a strong involment with various non-linear editing systems in the past 15 years including Avid Media Composer, Newscutter, FAST Systems 601, Pinnacle Liquid, Premiere Pro and FCPX.

Most recently he worked as an independent videographer and editor in the Pacific Northwest.

Joshua Holland

Joshua Holland

Product Marketing Manager

Josh manages product marketing for Luma Touch. He brings almost a decade of experience working in the field of communication.

Prior to joining Luma Touch, Josh worked with government agencies in Seattle and traditional communication agencies including Suzuki+Chou, Nyhus, Waggener Edstrom, and his own business Shiba Inu Studio. In these roles he’s had the chance to work with Uber, NetHope, Microsoft,  American Express, and number of Seattle area businesses.

Josh is a two-time graduate of the University of Washington with a BA and an MS degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering.

Zac Duvall

Zac Duvall

Software Engineer

As part of the Luma Touch development team, Zac programs new features, and performs bug fixes and UI updates.

Zac not only graduated from DevMountain, but now also teaches iOS programming there. He has been active in the Utah artistic community for the better part of 8 years. With multiple album releases on iTunes and Spotify, he brings a creative perspective to audio and video integration.

He continues to own and operate a Salt Lake City based music label, where he facilitates production, engineering, marketing, and distribution for multiple projects, and continues to maintain healthy communal relationships with Utah artists, venues, and organizations.

Chris Morrissey

Chris Morrissey

Software Engineer

Chris brings over 20 years experience in consumer products and technology leadership at Procter & Gamble before transitioning into software development.

At P&G, he delivered technology for some of the biggest consumer brands in the world. In addition, he worked on key supplier relationships establishing strong partnerships and technology portfolios.

He brings a passion for delivering new products and experiences to customers as well as for iOS and MacOS development. Chris received his BS in Chemistry at Marquette University and PhD in Chemistry at the Pennsylvania State University.

Keith Woodard II

Keith Woodard II

Customer Success

With over 10 years’ experience in film and photograph in digital and new media, Keith brings his unique perspective of what it means to be a modern, independent and creative storyteller.

Bridging the gaps between DIY to high-end productions experience, has been one of Keith’s important contributions with every project, client, and crew job he takes on. He also stays tuned in with the evolving digital cultures of YouTube, Twitch, and other social media outlets.

Keith excels at providing Luma Touch customers with helpful information to better execute their own post-production workflows, regardless of their field of interest or stage of experience.


Scott Squire

Scott Squire

Quality Assurance

Scott breaks LumaFusion so you don’t have to! With more than 20 years doing documentary work, Scott is excited to be making and polishing the tools that help storytellers tell their stories. He’s thrilled to give LumaFusion users the kind of support he’s always wanted to receive.

In addition to product testing and customer success, Scott frequently works both sides of the camera for Luma Touch’s video productions.

Scott holds a graduate degree in Journalism (UC Berkeley), is the DP of a Sundance-supported feature documentary, has published several books of photography, hears he’s a pretty good husband, and is the father of a rambunctious son. He is also a year-round Seattle bike commuter, which makes him at least 16% more badass.

Nell Danforth

Nell Danforth

Product Specialist

Nell Danforth is a Product Specialist at Luma Touch. With a background in graphic design and video production, Nell supports the company’s quality assurance, design, and marketing efforts.

Prior to joining Luma Touch, Nell contributed to video production projects at Western Oregon University. Her passion for video was sparked as a kid when she began making short videos with friends on Movie Maker. Since then Nell has immersed herself in learning the craft of video production and has become an expert at the deep features and use of LumaFusion, making her an excellent choice for Product Specialist.

Nell is a graduate of Western Oregon University where she studied Art and Design.

Jasmine Hoff

Jasmine Hoff

Quality Assurance Specialist

Jasmine Hoff has a BA in media studies and film with a minor in psychology from the Evergreen State College.

As far as filmmaking goes, Jasmine has tried everything she can get her hands on, from flatbed film editing on a Steenbeck to filming with a 16mm Bolex camera to working with digital media. But her favorite camera to shoot with is still her trusty Nikon D3 100.

Jasmine was a production assistant while interning for a large post-production company in Seattle. She has experience working with foley, taping auditions, client services, studio operation, and much more. Jasmine has a thirst for knowledge of all kinds and continues to go to school for veterinary medicine prerequisites while working for Luma Touch.

Derrick Ramey

Derrick Ramey

Marketing and Social Media

Derrick is at the front line of our social media channels focusing on communicating with our customers and creating multimedia content.

Originally from LaGrange, Indiana, Derrick has a B.S. in theatre production from Ball State University. After college, Derrick joined the U.S. Army and served in the US, Kuwait, South Korea, and Japan as a public affairs broadcaster all while earning a Masters of Humanities degree. After serving, Derrick earned an art degree from Portland State University and worked as a marketer for Oregon Ballet Theatre.

Derrick loves most things creative. He enjoys consuming and making videos, comics, games, and art. His ultimate goal is to remain young right up to the moment his old body gives out on him. And then have his mind uploaded to the cloud…

Kevin Bourke

Kevin Bourke

Public Relations

Kevin Bourke is the founder and principal of BourkePR, a public relations and communications consultancy specializing in the media/entertainment, production, post-production and music tech space.

Kevin provides PR counsel and outreach for Luma Touch.

What We Do


We design products that are powerful, easy, and fun to use. Our user-centered approach to design focuses on constantly refining every user interaction throughout the creation, development and ongoing evolution of our products.


We’ve been engineering and innovating creative tools for video since the early days of desktop digital video. We constantly strive to marry the latest technology with the best development practices to create amazing software.


When you email us at support@luma-touch.com you’ll communicate directly with the designers and developers of Luma Touch products, where we support an ever-growing community of amazing users who find new ways to get more from our products than we ever imagined.