LumaFusion Running on an iPad and iPhoneSmartphone Photography

Wondering if your smartphone can take the place of your camera for professional work?

In this course, we look at the power of the smartphone camera and how to make the most of apps and settings available on your smartphone.
We’ll also take a look at the hardware and accessories that allow your smartphone features to go to the next level.

When you’re done shooting you’ll want to streamline the workflow from production to post-production to make sure your media is stored where you want it for editing and other post production tasks. We’ll go through best practices and the drawbacks of letting your phone manage your media.

  • Principles of composition
  • Time-lapse
  • Slow motion
  • Long exposure
  • Live photos,
  • Portrait mode
  • Burst mode
  • The Exposure triangle and smartphone cameras
  • Post production Workflows
  • Recommended Apps, tips and tricks
  • Hardware and Accessories
  • Resources and recap


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