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Start creating the videos you want to see by learning fundamental post-production techniques and LumaFusion workflows through LumaTouch Academy. Join our trainiers for a variety of live and interactive courses designed to improve your skills and confidence.

LumaFusion Fundamentals

Basic Editing

Designed for beginning editors or those new to LumaFusion, this course will teach you the foundations of video editing.

Advanced Editing

Dive deep into the four core LumaFusion editors: Frame and fit Editor, Speed and Reverse, Audio, and Color and Effects.

Specialized Mobile Workflows

Branding Your Content

Your brand is at the forefront of your content and what your audience remembers first when returning to your videos. Start developing it early with this course.

Workflow Best Practices for Social Content

Staying on top of the evolving social media landscape is nerve wracking when you don’t have a strong foundation. Learn to plan, produce, and publish a variety of content for different platforms.

Stand-out Social Content

Follow current video trends in social media and work to create your own! Learn which videos work where and why. Course inspired by stand-out content creators on multiple platforms.

Mobile for Corporate Brands

Put your business hat on and prepare to create content to represent brands. Learn to plan, produce, and publish a variety of content for different platforms using LumaFusion for business.

Mobile Shooting and Capturing

Storytelling Using Sequences and Shoot to Edit

Learn the tips and techniques to prepare your production so you capture the best possible content before you edit.

Capturing Interviews, Vox-pops, and Stand ups

Learn the tips and techniques to capture interviews.

Capturing Audio in iOS

Learn the tips and techniques to capture pristine audio with your iPhone and the right external mics and accessories.

Smartphone Photography

Learn how to capture excellent photos with your phone.

Meet Our Trainers

Each course is led by a LumaFusion certified trainer. The trainers are experts in their own field and video editing. To learn more about each trainer, check out their bio below.

Caroline Scott

Expert Social Media Content Creator

Glen Mulcahy

Mobile Journalism (Mojo) Pioneer

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