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Professional Editing Reimagined for Mobile

LumaFusion is a powerful multi-track video editor used by journalists, filmmakers, and professional video producers to tell compelling video stories.


2021 iPad App of the Year: LumaFusion
App Store Editors' Choice Award
Videomaker Best Products 2021: LumaFusion, Best Enthusiast Editing Software
Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone


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4K on an iPad?

LumaFusion has 12 tracks, and 6 of those tracks can hold video, photos and titles. If your device supports 4K then those 6 tracks can each hold 4K video with effects, color correction and transitions. If you’re an audio editor, you can use the remaining 6 for audio, or choose to fill all twelve with audio! It’s up to you.

And unlike other ported apps, LumaFusion is built to take full advantage of Apple’s carefully optimized audio-video framework for iOS, making playback more smooth than some of the most powerful desktop systems.

So if you’re worried that lightweight LumaFusion can’t handle your big, heavy media ask yourself, “Can my desktop handle it?” If not, maybe it’s time to upgrade to LumaFusion on an iPad Pro.