Learn how to take your edits to the next level.


Multicam Tutorial

Learn how to use Multicam Studio, the incredible new multicam editor available in LumaFusion for iOS and Apple Silicon Macs.

Quick Start Guide for iOS

Learn how to use LumaFusion with the short tutorial video.

Quick Start Guide for Android

Learn how to use LumaFusion with the short tutorial video.

Additional Video Tutorials

Below are links to video popular video topics that can help you get the most out of editing.

Video Scopes

Understand how to use the Histogram, waveform and vectorsope to keep your project consistently color corrected.


Find out what footage works best with stabilization and what you can do to get the best results.

Managing Storage

In this two part series we take a look at methods of importing, where media is stored on your device, and how to backup and safely clean your device.

Magnetic Timeline

Learn how to use the features of the timeline in this two-part series to build your story and get creative.

Your Problems Solved

This series highlights the most common questions our support team gets, and how they answer them.

LumaTouch Academy

Quick and inspirational “How To” videos from our resident content creator expert, Caroline Scott.