LumaFusion 2022 Editing Contests

Calling all editors, we’ve got a challenge for you!

Take part in the LumaFusion Editing Contests. These contests will spark your creativity and put your editing skills to the test. Besides bragging rights, winners of each contest will receive prizes. Yes, prizes!

LumaTouch will be awarding winners prizes of gift cards and gear to help you with your next edit.

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LumaFusion Promo Contest

The LumaFusion Promo Editing Competition challenges editors to create a 30 second promotional video about LumaFusion. Participants should highlight what they like most about LumaFusion and why other editors should use it as their video editing app.. We look forward to seeing your perspective on LumaFusion.  

More details to be announced. Sign-up to our LumaFusion Editing Contests Email List for updates.

Mobile Short Film

The LumaFusion Mobile Short Film Editing challenges editors to create a short film edited in LumaFusion. This competition is wide open and the culmination of the year’s competitions. Pick your favorite genre and lean into what makes your editing special. Be creative and wow us all!

More details to be announced. Sign-up to our LumaFusion Editing Contests Email List for updates.



LumaFusion 24Hr Contest Banner

24 Hour Edit Contest

Contestants were challenged to create and deliver a video edited in LumaFusion before the twenty-four hour time limit expired. The videos were thirty seconds to two minutes in length and each editor needed to include 5 specific editing prompts in their submission. We had impressive submissions for this contest and the most entertaining and professionally edited videos came out on top.

This year’s winner is Jon Gill, with his video, Two Minds. Jon was awarded a new iPad Magic Keyboard for his editing setup. You can also follow Jon on Twitter.

Watch the 24 Hour Edit Playlist to see all of the qualifying video submissions.

LumaFusion MoJo Editing Contest Banner

MoJo Editing Contest

The LumaFusion Mobile Journalism (MoJo) Editing Contest challenged editors to create a news style story using only mobile devices. Topics were open to hard hitting news stories or soft news focusing on people and their individual stories. Submissions were judged on storytelling ability, editing creativity, and adherence to the rules. 

This year’s winner is Mark Bellusci, with his video, Turning Point. Mark was awarded a $250 Visa Gift Card for his fantastic submission. You can see more of Mark’s work on his Linkedin.

Watch the MoJo Editing Contest Playlist to see all of the winning submissions.

Edit to Music Contest

The LumaFusion Edit to Music Contest challenged editors to create a short video that merged music with video. This challenge was wide open, encouraging creativity. The participant with the most entertaining and professional edit won!

This year’s winner is Dominic “TicToc” Bazile! Dominic won a $600 Visa Gift Card for his submission.

Follow Tic2datoc on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to see more of Dominic’s work.

You can watch the rest of the winning submissions here.

72HR Edit Contest 

The LumaFusion 72 Hour Editing Contest challenged LumaFusion customers to create a short video titled: This Is Why I Edit. After the prompt was announced, participants had 72 hours to think, plan, collect footage, and edit their videos. Aida Travel Secrets stole the show with her fun edits, creatively weaving LumaFusion into the video, and a personality that leapt off the timeline. A new iPad Air was awarded to the winner. 

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