LumaFusion and Google for Education App Hub

Powerful, fun, and easy-to-use video editing for students

LumaFusion and Google for Education App Hub

LumaFusion is proud to be part of the Google for Education App Hub. The Google for Education App Hub showcases the best tools for teachers and students using Google Classroom and Chromebooks.

What is LumaFusion

LumaFusion is a multitrack editing platform for iOS that delivers professional-caliber video editing with a fluid, intuitive and natural multitouch screen experience and a UI/UX that is inspired by, and specifically designed for touch screens, and has been enhanced to take advantage of keyboard, mouse and trackpad inputs on Chromebooks.

With a simple, clean yet powerful workflow, the LumaFusion UI has been thoughtfully designed by post production industry veterans with a careful eye toward re-thinking how key features are presented – accessible and elegantly deployed within a touch screen environment. LumaFusion presents a single, glass-panel window into a fluid, intuitive and inspiring story-telling environment, with features and function literally right beneath your fingertips – and not buried in disruptive, clumsy and antiquated menu/submenu user interfaces so ubiquitous in legacy editing platforms.

This approach has made LumaFusion the editing platform of choice for novices and professionals alike as the elegant presentation of feature sets discoverable during the creative process has effectively recaptured the joy of storytelling, the joy of editing. LumaFusion was also named Apple’s App of the Year for 2021.

LumaFusion: Education Edition provides the LumaFusion experience, tailored to students and Chromebooks.  It includes 3 video/audio tracks, and 4 audio-only tracks*, and an amazing curated collection of royalty-free video and music for students to use in their projects (a curated subset of our full Storyblocks subscription for use by students).

* LumaFusion: Education edition has a reduced featured set compared to LumaFusion: Pro Video Editing in the Play Store.

LumaFusion requires significant processor power and storage for video editing, and is recommended for use on Chromebooks with Intel Core i3 10th generation or better CPUs.

Privacy and Terms of Use

LumaTouch is dedicated to student privacy and LumaFusion does not collect any personal data. For more information, see our terms of use:

LumaFusion: Education Edition includes a subset of our Storyblocks subscription, and use of Storyblocks royalty-free media is subject to the Storyblocks terms and conditions:

Licensing LumaFusion

If you are interested in using LumaFusion for your school, please contact us to request/purchase licenses, and we will write those licenses to you for easy provisioning from your Google Admin console. This will also enable students to simply login to LumaFusion using their Google EDU account. 

  • LumaFusion: Education Edition is available for only $4.99 per student per year, for a minimum of 10 students.
  • Payment can be provided through check, wire transfer, credit card, or payment service, and can be set to auto-renew or manually renew on a yearly basis.


To request/purchase licenses for your school, please contact and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address to use for licensing (this should be your EDU/school email)
  • Name of school or school district
  • Number of licenses required
  • Payment method preference
  • Auto or manual renewal request