“LumaFusion can compete with the biggest known editing software. I’m a huge fan of LumaFusion because the application is very easy to learn and inexpensive, which makes it accessible to everyone.”

Benjamin Lapierre, filmmaker.


French self-taught filmmaker, Benjamin Lapierre has always been attracted by material minimalism and creative maximalism.

As he likes to say, “a writer only needs a paper and a pen, a painter only needs a brush, paint and canvas, so I should be able to be a videographer with just a smartphone”.

With LumaFusion, Benjamin can fully accomplish what he wants: have minimal equipment and still achieve what he imagines. Tutorials, presentations of mobile video accessories, interviews, he makes all the videos of his YouTube channel only with his iPhone and encourages his subscribers to get started. Everyone has a smartphone now, so everyone can be a filmmaker.

But what he loves most of all, is telling stories, making short films. And regularly on his YouTube channel, he offers films accompanied by making-of where he shows the tricks he uses to produce films that, at first glance, would not be feasible with such a small material.

It’s thanks to this technique and his passion that he won the prize for the best film edited on smartphone at SF3 2021.

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