LumaFusion is at the heart of all my projects, whether I’m producing footage for social media, online, or broadcast. Having one app on my phone enables me to do everything I need from my desktop editing suite makes my life as a content producer so much easier.

Presenter, video journalist and content creator


Caroline Scott is a presenter, video journalist, and content creator, currently residing in London, UK.

Her passion for storytelling underlies her varied career, which has seen her shooting and presenting news packages, feature pieces, and documentaries for television stations in the UK and abroad.

Caroline’s always seeking out new ways of engaging audiences, using the latest production techniques and technology to create eye-catching pieces. Her work as the Deputy Editor of saw Caroline report on the latest innovations and trends that are changing the media industry, igniting her interest in smartphone content creation for broadcast television; although trained on ‘traditional’ cameras and desktop editing software, she prefers to shoot, edit and publish her work from mobile devices.

Previously, Caroline was based in the South Atlantic where she developed a television station and its news programming for the population of the Falkland Islands. Since then, she has produced content for the BBC, ITV, Thomson Reuters, Associated Press, and British Forces Broadcasting Service.

In her spare time, Caroline continues to create content but transforms into her online persona City Cowgirl, where she celebrates the modern-western lifestyle here in the UK. You’ll find her interviewing musicians, chefs, and cowboy boot makers for a growing and passionate audience of country fans in and around London!

Caroline is a passionate media trainer and social media specialist and runs courses for news organizations, marketers and businesses to help them better connect with their audiences. She specializes in smartphone content creation and has trained staff at a range of organizations such as the BBC, RTÉ, Falkland Islands TV, and Sky News to rethink their workflows and use this exciting new technology in 2020. Find out more about her live and on-demand training at Smartphone Video School.

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