“I always work with

two audio channels,

there’s too much

that can go wrong…”



Michael Scheyer

Video Journalist

Michael Scheyer was born in 1980. He earned his master’s degree in theater, film and television-studies, and philosophy and sociology in the year 2009 at the University of Cologne. After that, he worked as a freelance video producer for two years, until he realized that he was more interested in the audience’s interests than in the client’s interests. He went on to undertake a three year traineeship as a cross media journalist at the news corporation “Schwaebisch Media”, where he learned print, radio and television journalism. He was awarded a jury film prize in 2005 for his shortmovie “Ex” at a short film festival in Konstanz and a jury prize in 2017 for a news report about Germans becoming significantly more armed with weapons. At present Michael Scheyer works as a video journalist in the newsroom of the newspaper “Schw√§bische Zeitung” and as a managing editor for the tv news journal of the local tv station “Regio TV”.