LumaFusion Timeline Features

Flexibility for Editors

Tradition meets innovation.

Enhanced Magnetic Timeline

Whether you prefer muting, locking, viewing and mixing specific tracks on your timeline, or you prefer your clips to magnetize around your main track, LumaFusion’s innovative timeline model seamlessly and gracefully blends both worlds, making the editing experience second to none.  

Insert, Overwrite, Replace

Experienced editors know that having complete control over what moves where, or whether anything moves at all, is critical to the creative process. LumaFusion excels at providing the controls you need to tell the story, just the way you want.


Synchronize automatically by audio or timecode, or you can use manual synchronization to align up to 6 angles, plus a separate primary audio track. 

Source Audio Mapping 

If you have a separate audio recorder, you’ll love this feature.  Map audio from one angle to another before you start switching, so when you cut, you automatically get the audio you wanted.  Relax and enjoy the switching knowing everything is set up perfectly. 

Primary Audio Track

Multicam Studio has a special Primary Track drop zone for final audio tracks – important audio that should not be cut when you switch.  This is great for music videos and conferences. Primary Audio will follow you through the switching and right onto your timeline… all synced and ready to playback.

Multicam Studio in Action

Meet a Seattle Chef and production crew using LumaFusion’s Multicam Studio for editing cooking show segments.

Multicam Studio Features


Sync by timecode, audio waveforms, or use manual alignment

Add multiple clips to any angle

Add a finished audio track to your Multicam Container that stays in sync, but doesn’t get switched.

Map audio from one camera or audio recorder to another.

Add color, audio and effects to an entire angle (before or after switching)


Switch with a simple tap on the angle

Re-switch as much as you like 

Roll trim switches to get the cuts perfect

Switch only audio, only video or both on the fly

See your angle and audio mappings with an easy to understand color coding system


Add Multicam Containers to your timeline from the Add Clip menu

Select the Multicam Container to enter the Synchronizer or Switcher at any time

Add color and effects to any individual cut

Move the Multicam Container around your timeline like any other clip, make edits, and add transitions