Luma Touch is pleased to announce the release of Pinnacle Studio Version 3.0 for iPad.  This major feature update makes it easy to add fast and slo-mo effects to videos, and adds powerful new editing features for all users.

Features and fixes included:

– Added Speed control for video (easy fast and slo-mo effects + freeze)!
See detailed description at viewtopic.php?f=6&t=534
– Speed control also allows easy roll trimming
– Faster IMG rendering with video
– Added Russian localization for UI
– Added Portugese localization for UI
– Combined Help and Settings now available everywhere in the app
– Render button moved to player window only visible when playhead over something that needs to be rendered

– Converted to ARC memory management (memory usage improved)
– Fixed issues with Photo Access and Project Duplication
– Fixed issues with Rebuild album header showing when Photo Access is off
– Improved localizations
– Better error messages for export (especially concerning iPad unsupported media)
– Names added to Montage icons
See detailed description at: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=457
– Audio snapping
– Fix video inputs
– Added lighting for Montages
– Fixed PIP crash
– Font list is now sorted
– Font list now shows current ‘selected’ font when displayed- New dropzone imagery
– Added “Select Dropzone” label in Dropzone popup
– Added count of items being rendered when rendering
– Fixed issues when preview resized with IMG content visible
– Voiceover now uses 16-bit samples for higher quality audio
– New splash screen
– Direct links to support forum on the help menu