Luma Touch is pleased to announce the release of Pinnacle Studio Version 4.0 for iPad, available immediately in the App Store.┬áThis is a major new release with incredible new content and features that continues Pinnacle Studio’s leadership in powerful and professional features that are easy and fun-to-use.Features and fixes include:

* Audio preview issue resolved for iOS7
* Speed control provides fast/slo-mo audio playback in iOS7
* Includes over 30 new FREE montages and titles designed for existing themes.
* Includes 48 new montages and titles, in 6 new themes (available for in-app purchase).
* ‘Open In’ support for video and audio files from email and other apps on your iPad.
* iTunes File Sharing import of media files.
* Automatically detects media changes on your iPad without rebuilding library
* Improved project export to Pinnacle Studio for PC.
* Numerous user interface and editing workflow improvements (see below)* Cloud Connection Pack (available for in-app purchase):
– Adds support for Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive.
– Import and export of Pinnacle Studio for iPad projects (with all media).
– Import video, photos and audio from cloud storage.
– Select multiple media files to import, even across multiple folders.
– Delete downloaded items by tapping on them to preview, then tapping on the Trashcan button.

* Further stability improvements for an improved editing experience (see below)

Additional detailed list of fixes/improvements:
* Asset library is now built with signatures for every media asset, and PS will automatically re-link media when project is opened.
* You can now set the default fit mode in the Settings dialog.
* You can now tap anywhere in a volume slider to move it to that position (you can tap and drag anywhere as well)
* Trashcan is now highlighted when you drag a clip into the player area as further cue to user.
* Fixed bug with using video with no audio in a montage template
* Precision trimmer can no longer be opened when speed UI is open.
* Fixed issue where Photos in “UserPhotos” folder were not working at all.
* New layout for Export (Share) page
* Reorganized Export page with clean icons for each web provider.
* Added Quality setting to Export, this affects the compression profile and bitrate of the rendered movie.
* Fullscreen playback now provides real fullscreen. You can tap anytime in preview to hide/show controls, and when playback starts, controls will hide after a moment automatically.
* Trashcan highlighting changed when you drag a clip from the storyboard. When you start dragging it shows a trashcan with arrow pointing to it to indicate that you can drag to it, and when you are dragging in any area outside of storyboard/timeline, it changes to indicate that dropping will delete the clip.
* You can now delete clips imported with Open-In. If you tap on one of these clips in the library, the trashcan button will be enabled, allowing you to delete the clip.
* Precision trimmer now shows images for preview for freeze framed clips.
* Asset Library no longer requires rebuild when assets change on your iPad!
– If less than 25% of total media has changed, then the library will simply update in the background, otherwise it will work as before giving you the option to rebuild.
– You can also always rebuild completely from Settings popup.
* Media in “Documents” folder are now detected when you return to the app, and no longer need to be specifically in “UserVideos/UserPhotos/UserAudio” (letting users just use iTunes Document sharing)
* Eliminated a number of flashes when switching between media preview in Asset Library
* Contains new organization of content for “Themes” and some initial UI for in-app purchasable content. Themes replace Montages in the Album. A theme may contain a group of different content (Montages, Titles and more).
* Fixed issues with time slider not appearing properly in preview
* Fixed problem with timeline playback being disabled when you release a photo, title or montage over an audio track
* When you tap on a Photo in the library, it will appear in the preview using the default fit mode selected in Settings
* Fixed duplicate call to load IMG scene when added to storyboard (it should now take half the time for Montages/etc to appear in preview when dropped to timeline)
* Fixed ordering of buffer queue in Nemo (dramatic preview/rendering performance improvement in some cases – in one case average frame rendering went from 117ms to 24ms per frame).
* When previewing IMG content, playback doesn’t start until IMG is fully loaded, so we no longer get first portion of preview lost.
* Previous render no longer displayed when scrubbing between different IMG content and regular content (now shows black until render complete).
* Fixed some issues causing playback to stop prematurely in source preview
* Fixed memory leak when Player is released
* Fixed issue with play/pause button not always resetting after reaching the end of timeline
* Fixed issue with dragging title-with-video to audio track
* Fix edissue with whole in timeline when dragging photo to audio track
* Fixed issue with play/pause button showing incorrectly in fullscreen playback
* Fixed issue with Title properties showing up right over title area
* Replacing a clip that has transitions at head or tail now does a better job of using media from new clip in the transitions.
* Improvement: Photos and Videos are now sorted chronologically when possible
* Improvement: Album will keep their last ‘position’ (ie: which category/group you were in) when switching between tabs.
* PS now releases GPU rendering memory before writing movie to eliminate some memory warnings.
* Reduced timeline player rebuilds in a number of cases.
* Improvement: Different colors used for each type of asset in the storyboard/timeline
* Improvement: When exiting fullscreen mode, current time becomes selected clip (and storyboard/timeline move to correct position). Also fixed slider position when coming in to fullscreen.
* Fixed: Incorrect behavior when P&Z replaced by Title
* Improvement: Added new AspectFill-Focus fitMode. This works like aspect fill, but focuses towards the top of the photo. You’ll now find an additional button for all fit modes, and old projects should be unchanged.
* Layout changes for XCode5/iOS7
* Warning messages have been added if your project or movie will likely be larger than the limits of your cloud storage account.
* Fixed: Runs out of memory when uploading large projects
* Improvement: Default fitMode is used for videos and montage drop zones (rather than just photos)
Improvement: Previews always show in aspectFit mode so the whole image can be seen
* Fixed: Russian titles not working for all titles