Luma Touch, the leader in mobile video editing, is announcing a Pro I/O Pack with a host of professional features such as external monitor support, batch export, and .xml project export for its iOS App LumaFusion. This announcement is aligned with support for wireless SMB drives like the Western Digital Wireless Pro and SSD drives, external drives such as the Western Digital iXpand drive, and a custom integration with GNARBOX. These updates will help close the gap between the mobile and desktop editing experience.

Las Vegas, NV April 7, 2018 – Luma Touch is announcing the upcoming release of a Pro I/O Pack for LumaFusion. The Pro I/O Pack will include external monitor support (allowing full-screen preview on an external monitor while editing), batch export, background upload/download and .xml project export. The Pro I/O Pack is the first of several packs planned for LumaFusion. Each pack will focus on a specific area of editing.

“Our goal is to improve traditional desktop NLE workflows by ensuring the latest acquisition, storage, post-production and delivery expectations are met or exceeded with each new pack we deliver.” said Chris Demiris, co-founder of Luma Touch and lead developer. “We will continue to lead the movement for mobile video editing and we intend on converting some diehard desktop editors along the way. We are excited that many of our customers are already producing long-form, and professional work and report they can edit, color grade, and add effects faster and with more enjoyment, when using their iOS devices and LumaFusion.”

The LumaFusion Pro I/O Pack release is well-timed with the LumaFusion / GNARBOX integration, which will allow those with large amounts of media to start wirelessly previewing and editing media from GNARBOX inside LumaFusion while at the same time background importing any media that’s added to the timeline.

“We are thrilled to be affiliated with GNARBOX. The integration and the Pro I/O Pack fit together hand-in-hand and are important steps in our promise to close the gap between professional NLE systems and mobile editing,” stated Terri Morgan, co-founder of Luma Touch and principle designer. “With these advancements we overcome limitations that have plagued iOS editing since the beginning like limited storage, reduced viewing size, and lack of interoperability with desktop editing. We plan to release the GNARBOX integration in the weeks following the April 2018 NAB Show, closely followed by the release of the Pro I/O Pack.

LumaFusion is available in the App Store for $19.99 USD. The Pro I/O Pack will be available as an in-app purchase for LumaFusion, at $29.99 USD. The LumaFusion/GNARBOX integration and support for SMB Drives and Western Digital iXpand drives will be a free update.

About Luma Touch
Luma Touch, founded in 2012, is a team of passionate engineers, designers and video professionals dedicated to the development and support of exceptionally creative media software. The co-founders Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan are responsible for the design and development of several leading video editing and effects products on iOS and Windows.

GNARBOX is a creative technology company based in Los Angeles. It’s backed by an active community of content creators and develops products and solutions to revolutionize the multimedia management experience.