SANDY, UT May 9th, 2017 Luma Touch, has released LumaFusion 1.3, a major update that adds project archive and restore for easy backups and transfer of projects between devices, 2:1 aspect ratio and VR metadata injection for 360° video editing and many more new features and improvements. LumaFusion is the most professional video editing and effects app ever created for iOS with features such as as multiple video and audio tracks, insert and overwrite style editing, multiple layers of real-time effects with keyframing, color correction, multi-layer titles, live audio mixing, support for landscape or portrait video projects, 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60fps and resolutions up to 4K.

This update is available free-of-charge in the App Store for existing LumaFusion owners. This update includes the following additions and changes:

• Project Archive and Restore
– Include all media, trimmed media (for a smaller file), or no media (just the edit list)
– Import project archives from the Project Manager screen or using Open-In from another app

• Audio-Only Export. Choose m4a or wav file, up to 96KHz

• 360° VR Metadata Injection in Export Settings
– Choose 2:1 aspect ratio for your project, import and edit your VR clips, then choose 360 Mono for export
– Also provides options for stereo 360 (top-bottom, left-right) if you’re lucky enough to have a stereoscope 360 camera

• Motion Presets make it easy to quickly create Ken Burns effects and PiPs. Save and share your own presets from the Clip Editor.
• Save and share Effect Presets (with multiple effects and all keyframe animation)
• Manage all of your presets in the Clip Editor. Long-press on a user preset to rename, share, or delete.
• Attributes Clipboard. Copy attributes of your choosing from one clip to another (motion, opacity, volume, color and other effects)
• 5 new royalty-free music tracks
• Add Clip Button. Tap to quickly add Voiceovers, Transitions, Blank Clip and Main or Overlay Titles.

• Clip Tools Button – Organizes all the tools you need to edit clips in the timeline
– Info – See media metadata, edit transition duration, edit text in titles, and Easy editing of text in titles from the Info panel
– Slip – Slip Trim a clip to get just the right shot for your edit
– Clone – Quickly duplicate a clip – particularly useful for titles
– Detach – Separate audio from a video clip (you can also triple-tap a video clip to detach audio)
– Link – Link and unlink clips from the main track
– Presets – Easily select motion, title, transition and effect presets (built-in and your own saved presets) without opening the Clip Editor
– Edit – Open the clip editor (you can open the clip editor by double-tapping on a clip as well)
– Clip – Open the Attributes Clipboard

• iTunes File Share support. Add clips to Documents folder in iTunes and when you start LumaFusion it will move them into Imported media album

• Color Selector. Paste or type in web hex colors, save quick preset colors (long-press preset to save current color)
• Swipe left and right in the viewer to single-step
• Simplified Split tool – automatically splits either the selected clip, or all valid clips if no clip selected
• Select aspect ratio and frame rate when you create a project (you can still change it at any time in Settings)
• Added Position and Size sliders to Fit & Frame tool for more accuracy
• Opacity is now separately animatable from Position and Size
• Countless minor tweaks to improve user interaction and editing

• Fixed crashes due to photos and Zoom Blurs when exporting movies
• Fixed crashes due to waveform rendering
• Fixed numerous minor editing logic issues (particularly with linked clips)
• Fixed numerous UI issues (especially on smaller iPhones)

About Luma Touch

Luma Touch, founded in 2012, is a team of passionate engineers, designers and video professionals dedicated to the development and support of exceptionally creative media software. The co-founders Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan have more than 50 years of combined experience in the media post-production industry, and are responsible for the design and development of several leading video editing and effects products on iOS and Windows.