Sandy, UT, June 12, 2015  Luma Touch, a recognized world leader in the development of mobile video editing apps, is pleased to announce a major new update to Pinnacle Studio, version 5.3, is now available in the App Store.  This update includes a complete redesign of the library album, completely eliminating library rebuilds and adding great new features.

Key Features:

* Changes to the items in the Photos app will be reflected immediately in Pinnacle Studio…. No More Library Rebuilds!
* Videos and photos are combined into one category making it easier to work with media from a certain time and date.
* A new User Media Folder holds imported media, voice overs, the Black clip and some backgrounds
* The sub-categories in the Photos app are reflected as tabs in PS (Moments, Albums, Faces, Favorites)
* Media that is in iCloud can now be seen in the PS Library and downloaded with a single click. If you choose you may use the Optimize Storage setting in the iCloud->Photos settings of your iPad.
* The sorting within Albums in the Photos App will be respected in PS
* The sorting within the main media category can be set to newest at top, or newest at bottom in the PS Settings
* Music in the cloud can be hidden from your library in the PS settings.
* A new Thumbnail/List View option provides textual information when available

Bug Fixes:
* Overlay help no longer causes the settings button to stay highlighted
* Speed changes no longer affect how audio waveforms are drawn
* Improvement to the accuracy of the Checkmark for used media
* Fixed crash when scrolling in Google Drive folders
* Improvements to the reliability of Exporting

About Luma Touch

Luma Touch, founded in 2012, is a team of passionate engineers, designers and video professionals dedicated to the development and support of exceptionally creative media software. Luma Touch develops and supports Pinnacle Studio iOS under license from Corel. The co-founders Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan have 50 years of combined experience in the media post-production industry, and are responsible for the design and development of several respected video editing and effects products on iOS and Windows. Learn more at