Since launching LumaFusion back in the winter of 2017, the Luma Touch team has been steadily chipping away at the technical limitations surrounding mobile film production. From finding fantastic camera partners to helping you easily share your finished product, Luma Touch is determined to make it easier to go from great idea to finished film in a mobile work environment. One of the regular issues we hear from customers is the challenges they face when it comes to storing media files. Many have come across the common, “storage is full message” that often plagues filmmakers who have more media than your average iOS device user. To combat this problem, many filmmakers have deployed creative solutions like wielding a collection of multicolored dongles and turning to the cloud when internet access is plentiful. Managing and accessing media content on iOS devices can sometimes be a struggle. To help reduce this pain, Luma Touch has partnered with GNARBOX, the creators of rugged wireless Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives to develop a custom integrated workflow for LumaFusion. This new mobile solution creates a seamless experience for previewing, importing, and exporting media for editing inside of LumaFusion. It’s our hope that customers see less “storage is full” messages and have the ability to spend more time doing what they love, producing videos. The GNARBOX + LumaFusion upgrade is available in LumaFusion 1.6. Longtime LumaFusion customers can upgrade their app for free and new customers can get the latest version in the App Store. Customers will see the custom GNARBOX integration after a GNARBOX is connected for the first time.